June 24th, 2018 marked the 9th Ciclovia event in Winnipeg and the first year that it was part of Bike Week! This exciting event, had long been a part of ManyFest hosted by the Downtown Winnipeg Biz, however Ciclovia has now found a new home as part of our week long celebration of bicycles and active transportation!

Ciclovia is a Spanish term that means “cycleway”. (Here is how to pronounce it – Ciclovia began in Bogotá, Colombia in 1974 and has grown into an event where some streets are blocked off to cars and open to bikes, runners, skaters, and other forms of self-propelled transportation. Ciclovia in Winnipeg is a promotion of great cycling routes and a big party at Winnipeg’s favourite meeting place, the Forks!

On Sunday June 25th, we invite you to join us again at the The Forks for our 2nd annual Ciclovia. We will be working with the City of Winnipeg on expanding the available closed routes. These are comfortable, family friendly routes that tie together existing Sunday street closures on Wellington, Wolseley, Scotia Street and North East Pioneers Greenway and also include our special event day street or lane closures.

At The Forks you can take in activities for all ages, including demonstrations, activities, tabling by a variety of bike friendly organizations and of course fun for all.

Here was our schedule from 2018 just to give you a sense of all the fun that we had and what we plan to have in 2019.

Schedule- Canopy

11:00 DJ Mama Cutsworth

11:30 Teakle Family Circus

12:00 Nation of Two

12:30 Mountain Equipment Co-op Tire Change Competition

1:00 Swing Dancing

1:30 Dutch Dinking Competition

2:00 SC Mira

2:30 Bike Polo Demos

3:00 Swing Dancing

3:30 DJ Mama Cutsworth

4:00 Sweet Alibi

Schedule- Buskers Lookout (workshop area on grass leading toward Assiniboine River)

11:00 Yoga

12:00 Juggling workshop

1:00 Z Rock Fitness (WinnipegZumba): ZUMBA Fitness with Zin Aila, JLS and Mhelors.

2:00 Hula Hoop workshop

3:00 Z Rock Fitness (WinnipegZumba): Zumba Fitness with Funtaztic Crew

4:00 Hula Hoop workshop

Participating in Ciclovia, and ready to meet you are: